Measurable Value for Industry and the World

At Solidia, sustainability meets profitability and performance. Solidia Technologies makes it easy to use CO2 to create superior and sustainable building materials.

The wide range of applications and ease of adoptability makes Solidia a great partner for market growth and a valuable technological partner for companies seeking to raise their sustainability profile.

Solidia offers unparalleled sustainability through:

  • CO2 sequestered in the product as stable calcium carbonate
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Lower water consumption
  • Produced with Solidia Cement, which has a non-hydraulic, lower-energy, lower-emission chemistry than ordinary Portland cement (OPC)
  • Solidia Concrete products can be remixed and recycled during production, offering near zero waste.

This technological collaboration creates significant, measurable value:

For cement manufacturers

Solidia’s process helps mitigate the impact of new carbon taxes and offers new product options and savings for their concrete customers while leveraging the same manufacturing process, equipment and raw materials used by the cement industry.

For concrete manufacturers

The Solidia process:

  • Cures concrete with CO2 to produce a better concrete in less time.
  • Uses the same raw materials, equipment, cycle times and less water.
  • Reduces concrete costs (with less cement needed to achieve the same properties), allowing greater choice in raw materials and dramatically increasing capacity because of more efficient curing times.
  • Offers cost-competitive solutions, enhanced product quality, flexibility and performance, and ease of adoption.

For small-scale CO2 emitters

Solidia helps mitigate the impact of new carbon taxes and offers the opportunity to instead profit from their CO2 emissions by way of permanently sequestering CO2 in Solidia Concrete.

For the world

Replacing OPC with Solidia Cement could have a dramatic and lasting global impact. The Cement Sustainability Initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development set 2050 CO2 reduction targets for the global cement industry. Solidia’s technology package represents the only demonstrated pathway to meet the goal well ahead of the target deadline.

Adoption by even a fraction of concrete manufacturers for select applications would represent a significant step towards reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.