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The Patented Process Behind Solidia Cement™ & Solidia Concrete™

The production of Solidia Cement™ and Solidia Concrete™ begins with a patented process for bonding together and hardening a collection of loosely packed particles. This process, dubbed reactive hydrothermal liquid phase densification (rHLPD), uses a liquid solution to 1) penetrate into the pores between the particles, 2) react with the particles, and 3) create “bridges” between the particles to lock them into place. This last step is precisely what happens when ordinary Portland cement (OPC) reacts with water to bond together the sand and aggregate particles that constitute conventional concrete.

rHLPD can work in a wide variety of chemical systems. One system involves a reaction between a water-CO2 solution and a family of calcium-silicate minerals similar in chemistry to OPC. The reaction, which spontaneously occurs at near-ambient conditions, creates “bridges” composed of silica and calcium carbonate. These compounds, and the unique bridging structures formed by them, are more stable and intrinsically stronger than the bonds formed in conventional concrete.

All this chemistry leads to the development of two products that will fit seamlessly into the construction industry.

Solidia Cement is a sustainable replacement for OPC, leveraging the same manufacturing process, equipment and raw materials used by the cement industry while consuming less energy and generating 30% less greenhouse gases and other pollutants than OPC.

Solidia Concrete is a durable replacement for conventional concrete that sequesters CO2 during curing and can be designed for compressive strength, abrasion resistance and freeze-thaw cycling resilience that are equal to, or better than, that of conventional concrete.

Combined, the amount of CO2 avoided in the production of Solidia Cement plus the CO2 sequestered during the curing of Solidia Concrete can reduce the carbon footprint of concrete-based construction products by up to 70%.

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