Technology Adopted Easily and Anywhere

Solidia delivers turnkey solutions by lining up the necessary cement, CO2 and equipment partners.

Adoption is easy with the same:

  • Equipment
  • Batching
  • Forming
  • Raw materials
  • Mix designs

Solidia Cement™ is a sustainable replacement for ordinary Portland cement.

It consumes less energy.

It generates 30% less greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Solidia Concrete™ cures in a single day with CO2 instead of water.

It performs better and is more durable than traditional concretes.

It saves time, water and energy.

It offers greater color variety and a more distinctive, attractive appearance.

It is adaptable to existing production lines and mixes.

Combined, the production of Solidia Cement and Solidia Concrete reduces carbon emissions up to 70%, fuel consumption by 30%, and water up to 80%.


• same raw material
• different ratio

• same kiln
• 30% lower temperature
• 30% lower CO2
• same mixer
• same cycle time
• Same forming
• same cycle time
• upgraded curing
• same cycle time